8 Week Shred

8 Week Shred

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Are you looking for a solid plan to help you strip fat as quick as possible? The Macromate 8 week shred program is exactly that. It’s a plan that has been design for both males and females wanting the best results possible within an 8 week time frame.

This guide can be used for somebody looking for a proven plan to get in their best shape for a fitness competition, somebody that wants to be in shape for their wedding or even somebody that’s to tone up for a music festival!

In all honestly, you can’t expect the best results without knowing exactly what you should be eating. And that’s what this 8 week plan is going to help you with. You’re going to learn exactly how much protein, carbs and fat you need each day to get the best results. Working out your macros isn’t simple though. Your sex, age, current weight, goal weight, metabolism, body type and activity level all play a part in determining what your macro break down should be.

The 8 week Body Shed Program is the perfect way for you to work out a custom meal plan that WILL get you results.

The 8 week shed program is broken up into an easy to follow plan that is customized for your body type. Here’s just a taste of what you’re going to learn:

smalltick How to calculate your macro-nutrient intake for optimal results. – This information is absolutely crucial to your success!

smalltick Sample meal ideas with the macro-nutrient break down. – Sometimes it’s hard to know the types of foods you should be filling your macros with. We tell you what you should be eating and why!

smalltick How to alter your macros each week for maximum results. – Without a solid plan you’re just guessing!

smalltick What you absolutely must avoid the day before your big event! – Mess this up and the whole process will be a waste of time!

smalltick The sneaky trick you should do the morning of your event. – Master this and you’re good to go!

smalltick What supplements give you results and what is a waste of time (and money). – You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on countless supplements. Just look at our proven list!

smalltick The top 4 mistakes people make when shredding. – Honestly there’s a good chance you will make at least 3 of these bad mistakes; resulting in sub-standard results!

smalltick Plus get all this with a full 60 day refund guarantee! – If you don’t get the desired results or even if you don’t like the information in the 8 Week Shred Program, just email us for a full refund straight back to your account. No hassles and no questions!

The Macromate 8 Week Shred Program isn’t just another guide to help you cut fat. It’s a personalized plan designed to suit your specific body type that will get maximum results.

The 8 week shed program has many happy customers from all parts of the world. Here’s a few comments we’ve received about our program:

“Hi guys, I’ve always struggled to lose the last few pounds of fat but after working out my macros and following your guide I’ve been able to break that barrier and get amazing results”  – Rachael, Los Angeles.

“Awesome guide. I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. So far I’ve lost 5 pounds and still going strong. My muscle definition is really starting to show. Thanks again” – Toni, Chicago.

“After seeing what my macro break down should be I realised I’ve been doing it all wrong for the past 2 years. I’m already seeing results and I’m only 3 weeks in!” – Alex, Sydney Australia.

These are just a few of the many positive comments we’ve received about the 8 week shred program.

Get your copy now and be one of the many that are currently using our 8 week shred plan.

smalltick This is a downloadable product so there is no waiting for shipping and you can start using the product in just seconds from now. Mobile and PC compatible!

“Get the most out of the 8 Week Shred program by using the Macromate meal prep containers and food scales!”

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